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Business Tax Preparation & Planning

Entrepreneurs start their own businesses because they have great skills or ideas, and know they can do it best. Abundantly successful individuals have something in common. They all know their own core strengths intimately and stay focused on them, while hiring others to strengthen their weaknesses.



Our State and Local Tax practice is dedicated to helping companies assess their state and local tax burden by recommending solutions that support their overall business objectives and provide support so that their filing positions are consistent with good business practices and with the states’ applicable tax laws and rules.

Whether your company is undergoing a complicated business restructuring, grappling with state tax regime overhauls, or interested in advice on day-to-day developments, our practice is well suited to address your state and local tax needs.

Here are some of the business accounting services that we offer:
•    Monthly Reports and Statements
•    Profit and Loss Statement
•    Trial Balance
•    Balance Sheet
•    General Ledger Report
•    Bank Reconciliation
•    Payroll Reconciliation

Consulting Services
Consulting provides the building blocks we use to solve complex business problems that are tailored to address individual client needs. By combining experience, methods, tools and talent, we accelerate time to value and reduce risk for clients.

Tax Compliance
Resource constraints have many organizations struggling to strike a balance between addressing mandatory reporting requirements and focusing on value-add tax planning. ROAR Tax Compliance Services offers your organization the opportunity to pursue cost and time efficiencies as well as access our expertise for tax consulting. Our tax compliance process focuses on smooth transitions, tax planning, tax compliance risk management, and client satisfaction.

Refund Analysis
Our refund analysis can assist you at any stage of the appeals process—from planning to closing proceedings. Our experience and firsthand perspective on how the various state departments of revenue function allow us to offer informed insights on the strengths and weaknesses of both client and government positions.